Sunday, April 26, 2015

Using Social Media to Get Website Traffic

Author: Pratima Jaiswal

The website is becoming an increasingly crowded place. It’s hard to get noticed online even if you have great content. SEO is confusing and there’s no guarantees you’ll even get listed with your keywords. One technology is changing how we find websites and blogs online and it has huge potential. Social media is one of the top ways you can get traffic to your site.

Basics of Social Media

If your site is struggling to get traffic form search engines then you need to look for social media as a way to kick-start your traffic and get people interested in what you are offering them. Social media allows you to share your content with other people just listed it in search engine. If you create high-quality content then this will be shared by people who visit your site and find it interesting. Adding Social media buttons such as Twitter and Facebook to your blog or website allows people to easily share your content.

Why Use Social Media?

Social media can generate you a large amount of traffic because it is very popular these days. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook get millions of users per day and these numbers keep going up. These users are interested in websites and blogs about topics that interest them. You need to take advantage of this huge number of potential in getting new customers and clients by using social media.
Social media is also free so you can create advertising campaigns on Twitter or Facebook with no expense. Your company can create a Facebook page or group where customers can interact with your company. This keeps your identity or brand fresh in their minds. You can send them updates about new products or services that they are interested in. With social media you are engaging your customers and providing them with valuable information about your products or services.

Viral Marketing

When you use social media you can reach customers quickly and have your message spread around the world. When you use search engine optimization, you need to wait to get indexed and your website can easily fall off of search engines such as Google or become de-indexed for some small error. When you use social media your message can spread quickly and this is what you want if you have exciting new services or products you want to get out to the public right away. You can make tweet about it, share it on LinkedIn, or create page about it on Facebook.

 Less Expense to You

Many other traffic methods can cost you a lot of money. Pay per click advertising can rack up the bills in no time. With social media mostly everything you end up doing is completely free. It doesn’t cost you anything to write on Facebook wall or Tweet about a new product you’re offering.

Use Social Media Now

Use social media now and harness the power of this new way to attract people to your website or blog. You will see traffic grow as you use social media.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Author: Pratima Jaiswal

There are many ways to market your website online. In today’s fast paced Internet world it’s important to keep up with the times and marketing is changing along with those times. Now it’s no longer enough just to have a website, you need to do more to generate the traffic that you need. Here are some ways to begin to generate traffic for your site.

Great Content

The first thing you need to do to get traffic to your site is, have something for people to look at. Without great content the rest of your marketing efforts will be fruitless. You need to ensure that your website or blog has the best content possible because if you don’t, then the people that do find you won’t be back again. If you start with informative content, you have already won half the battle.

SEO for Search

The content you do have must be found on search engines so for this to happen you must have SEO or search engine optimization on your site. This is done bу targeting keywords that people type into the search engine to find information. A proper SEO company can show you how to do this and how to maximize your traffic from your SEO efforts. For example, if your website is based on Making money online products, you should add keywords like ‘Make money online’, ‘Making money online’, ‘Work from home’, ‘Work from home mom’, ‘Work from home dad’, ‘Internet Marketing’, ‘Digital marketing’,  ‘ Be your own boss’, ‘Home based job’, ‘Work from home’, ‘Online business’, ‘Part time job’, ‘Internet coaching packages’, ‘Article marketing’, ‘Coaching packages’, ‘Earn while you sleep’ etc.


Another way to market your site is with Article marketing. You can write about your topic and website and put articles in various directories online. People will find these articles and then click your link to visit your website or blog. The more articles you have the more traffic you can potentially get. Make sure the articles are informative and of high quality to maximize the amount of traffic you do get.

Create Videos

Videos are a very popular way to generate traffic because they are so popular. Websites such as YouTube allow you to host videos on their site. People will watch the video and click your link to visit your website or blog. Videos are also listed high in the Google search engines because Google owns YouTube making videos even more important for traffic generation.

 Click Advertising

By using companies such as Google Adwords you can pay for clicks to your website. This costs you money but the clicks that you do receive, can help your business grow. You need to compete for the keywords you want which can get expensive but if you’re competing in a tight market you need all the traffic you can get.

Social Media

One of the newest ways to generate traffic is thorough social media. By sharing information with other people you can grow your business quickly. People that visit your website or blog are likely to click on your social media buttons if you have them and share your content with their friends and colleagues. This creates what we call “viral marketing” because the content reaches a wide audience quickly if it’s considered to be good. Social media also doesn’t cost your business anything and it’s a fantastic way to generate traffic especially if you’re a startup company.

These are just few ways that you can begin to generate traffic with your blog or website. There are many other opportunities out there; you just have to find the ones that work the best for you.